Something For The Easter Weekend

Ah, Easter: a time when we celebrate that bloke dying for our sins, although how he can die for me deliberately knocking that old lady down and desecrating her corpse last week is beyond me. I also think it’s beyond him.

I firmly believe that Easter was invented 83 years ago by Cadbury’s. They saw how well Coke did with Santa so they invented another bearded man who performed impossible feats. Odd how they gave him that twist of having a prossie for a mum and all that, but you know those marketing bods…

So now we all give each other eggs to commemorate the death of a man who was crucified. Does that make any sense at all? Hot cross buns (he was nailed to a cross, the weather was hot and he had buns (an arse)) I understand, but not the eggs.

Anyway, on to the timewasting guff:

Think someone in advertising is a…how can I put this…? Cunt?

Get it off your chest.

And if you want a really fucking cool app that will impress every single one of your mates without fail, look no further.

UPDATE: Another amazing app thingie (I wonder why they’re all turning up today…):