The Best Ad Campaign Of All Time

Just before Christmas I was having lunch with a few grizzly old creatives. Between them they had several gold lions and at least one Cannes Grand Prix, from back in the days when there were only three or four to win each year.

We were chatting ads, and no matter how lauded the campaign, it got a rough ride from these boys.

Except one:

They could quote it, word for word, and that’s because it’s perfect.

Perfect writing, perfect direction, perfect choice of VO, perfect delivery.

It did an incredible job of celebrating the common man. If you didn’t live by his standards, you wanted to, even though a minute earlier you couldn’t care less about how you used duct tape or parked a boat.

I can’t find the print but it was also brilliant in every way. One execution was simply a recipe for meat loaf. Nothing more. Genius.

And I’ve never heard anyone whinging on about which scene from a movie it ripped off.

Perfect concept, perfect craft.

That’s why it’s The Best Ad Campaign Of All Time.

PS: Scamp lives again.