The Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Been Tweeted.

To be honest, the competition hasn’t been that stiff, but when I checked out this link on Saturday afternoon I was astounded (I am rarely astounded).

(Thanks, Luke Sullivan of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. Via his Twitter feed.)

This is amazing for a number of reasons:

First, the idea that television advertising is open to anyone at such a miniscule price is a real breakthrough (As far as I can tell, the service is not open to the UK yet) because it’s the last piece in the universal accessibility of advertising. As the film shows, it’s fairly easy to make an ad for little to no money, so now that you can show it to over a million people for a tiny budget, mass communication is being truly democratised. Say your piece (within the regulations) and find your audience.

Second, it now seems remarkably easy to buy media. Like all of you I am sarcastically certain that media planning and buying is an incredible art that can only be practised by experienced geniuses. Now you can sort out your own media schedule and fill it up for tuppence. 1000 solid responses is a great ROI.

Third, the potential for scam ads is now infinite. The last great frontier – the cheating TV ad – is now within the grasp of any unscrupulous agency. Go for it lads! Fill your boots! Make ad awards seem even more pathetic than they already are.

Even though it’s only available in the US, I’m definitely going to use it to promote my novel.