Two Odd Pictures

What’s wrong with this YouTube screengrab of the new OK Go Video?

(Thanks, S.)

Indeed: if you have an electron microscope (I have no idea how to make it bigger) it has more ratings than viewings, giving it an amazing five stars.

So it’s possible to scam YouTube.

I think this throws up a bigger question: considering one of the most trumpeted benefits of the digital age is its accountability, what if that accountability can either be rigged, or has simply been collected erroneously? People are putting a lot of eggs into that basket. Let’s hope the basket isn’t a basket-shaped trampoline full of HIV-infected syringes.

Picture Two:

(Thanks, H.)

I sometimes get a bit stressed out when I write a headline. I want to make sure it encapsulates what the agency and client want in a way that is mildly witty but without resorting to a pun. So when I see a headline like this, I think, how did I miss that gig? I’d love to kick back and write shit like this, but I’d still be paranoid that the agency was playing a trick on me. Surely no one really wants a line that uses the phrase ‘cost effective holiday destination’. That’s like saying ‘our trampoline basket doesn’t have HIV-infected syringes in it’.


UPDATE: More shit tourism ads. This might be the worst sector ever…