I was going to join the priesthood, but then I remembered God is a fictional character made up to oppress people who didn’t know any better hundreds and thousands of years ago.

But I did rather like the idea of sitting in a wooden box while my friends and neighbours told me what they’d been up to that week.

With that in mind, for one day only (or a bit longer if people are enjoying it), Father Kay is taking your confessions.

Tell me (anonymously of course) about all the bad and naughty shit you have done.

I’ll dispense the Hail Marys and Our Fathers and we’ll all get to hear about that time you shat in your boss’s desk or tupped your AD’s daughter at his third wedding.

My box is yours.


(By the way, if no one’s interested in doing this I’ll just stick up some weekend shit, so keep them coming and make them good. Your candour will inspire that of others.)