My Weekend Outdoor Private View

Here is a selection of the posters I saw on a journey from Belsize Park to South Kensington on Saturday:

Questions: have the agency concerned seen the incredibly, incredibly, incredibly fucking famous campaign known as ‘Got Milk?‘, that has been pumping out of Goodby’s for years? If so, why have they so blatantly stolen such a well known campaign? If not, do they not check out any advertising from around the world? Did they perhaps do it in conjunction with ‘Got Milk?’? If so, why not use the endline and art direction? And is there nothing Ramsay won’t plug? Tampax? Paedophilia websites? AIDS blood in a can?


By that they mean, ‘Go and see something with your grandkids BEFORE YOU DIE, YOU OLD FUCKER.’

Last, but not least:

‘The new busy’? What the fuck is that? To me it looks like the new busy is a colossal ringpiece. By the way, these ads are everywhere on the tube, but I have very little idea what they are on about. And as for how they relate to Microsoft/Hotmail – dear reader, I am stumped. However, I could not give the first shit. To me, Microsoft is not a company I choose to make part of my life. They make Word, don’t they? Or do they? Who cares? Fuck off you boring bunch of dweebs.