New Samsung TV Ad

Thanks to Naughty Creative for pointing this out (oddly, I got the Twitter alert from Media Guardian and, despite a general propensity to watch any old crap to kill a minute or two, I just thought, ‘Oh, that sounds like rubbish,’ and ignored it).

It can be seen here.

I think my instinct was right. It’s one of those boring old ads where a city of people becomes amazed at something. They start smiling and snapping it with their camera phones – you know the drill. This time they’re watching really large banks of Samsung 3D TVs that show some 3D stuff that’s is, quite frankly, dull. This time, however, it also has the indeterminate gloss of pan-Euro nothingness that makes its (apparently) genuine ‘thrills’ look fake.

NC also pointed out that the credit for ad goes not to any creatives from the agency (CHI), but the Marketing Director:

‘Samsung’s campaign has been masterminded by the electronics manufacturer’s marketing director, Mikah Martin-Cruz, the executive behind the famous “Paint” and “Play-Doh” commercials for Sony’s Bravia TV.

“The campaign really captures the spirit of 3D TV and brings to life the amazing experience the technology can deliver,” said Martin-Cruz.’

I wonder what he did to mastermind it. Perhaps he wrote this piece of shit. Congrats, Mr. Martin-Cruz, you’ve made a vanilla blancmange of an ad. You may be ‘the executive behind the famous “Paint” and “Play-Doh” commercials for Sony’s Bravia TV,’ but that smacks of those movie trailers that say, ‘From the Executive Producer of Bridget Jones’s Diary’. Why would this connection cause you to give a shit? And anyway, weren’t there other clients behind ‘Paint’ and Play-Doh’? And didn’t Juan Cabral chip in with a few suggestions?

To be honest, all this article does is make Mr. Martin-Cruz look like a bit of a desperate twat, a little toddler jumping around with his hands in the air because he’s done a really smashing poo.

Well, congrats, Mr. M-C, a poo has been done and now we all know who’s responsible.