Adidas Kicks Off (Geddit???!!!) Its World Cup Campaign

This year Adidas will be bringing us a reactive moving graphic novel, where stories of its players and their achievements at the WC will be changed as they happen.

They are launching it with this.

(From 180 Amsterdam and Jonny Green. Interest declared: I did some work on this campaign in December, but I’m not sure how much of my contribution has survived – I didn’t do any of the above. It was really fun, though. If you get the chance to work at 180 I’d recommend it, although it helps if you wear a woolly hat indoors and grow a beard.)

Aside from anything else, I like the fact that they have gone somewhere different, both in style and content. After all, the usual thing here, post Good vs Evil, is to set up a weird football match of some sort. This, instead, gives us the players as heroes in a separate world of their own.