Advertising Perfection And How To Be Free

I know Sell! Sell! put this up yesterday, but just in case some of you don’t venture to that corner of cyberspace (you should), here’s advertising at its very, very best; perfect in both concept and execution:

And here is the making of:

Changing the subject with no finesse whatsoever, I’m currently reading a book called How To Be Free by Tom Hodgkinson.

It’s an enjoyable potted philosophy on how to opt out of the demands of what I can only describe as The Man, and getting back to reclaiming your life for yourself.

The main principles are freedom, merriment and responsibility, ‘otherwise known as having a laugh and doing what you want’ (the responsibility bit refers to taking charge of your own life instead of numbly sleepwalking through a life that is most convenient for those in charge).

The reason I mention it is that I sense from some past comments on this blog that there is a degree of dissatisfaction from some of you. You bought your ticket but the movie turned out to be shit, and now you’re itching to leave but you can’t quite bring yourself to waste the money you’ve spent.

Well, I used to walk out of movies on a regular basis (I still do, but as I’ve got older I tend to choose more wisely). My friend would stay in the cinema and we’d meet up later whereupon he would ask me how I could bring myself to walk out of something I’d paid a fiver for. The simple answer was that I thought the idea of paying not to enjoy yourself was absurd and it was much better to stop the boredom ASAP and go and do something else.

Of course, my tortuous analogy is much easier than the reality of changing your career, but I urge any of you are who are unhappy to take a baby step in another direction and see where it leads. Perhaps reading the book will be that baby step.

I’m going to have another G&T and check out as many of The best movie endings of all time I can lay my hands on.