I Can’t Tell If This iHobo Thing Is A Joke Or Not

Publicis have just launched an app that allows users to feed and help a virtual homeless person.

It’s called…

Wait for it…


Yes! iHobo

You are supposed to help your own little homeless fella live, like he’s some kind of 2010 Tamagotchi.

The reason why I ask if it’s real is that someone’s already done it as a spoof (a cursory check on t’internet would have found that out pretty quickly).

And the name: iHobo.

We don’t call homeless people ‘hobos’. That’s what they did in depression-era America.

Besides, even if we did, it’s a pejorative term, making this kind of like creating an iSpazz app where you can help a mentally handicapped person dribble his soup a bit less, then donate to Mencap.


(Thanks for the spot, A.)

UPDATE: it’s real, all right…

And it’s in the ‘entertainment’ category of the iTunes App store, not ‘education’.