The Election

If you’re still undecided about who to vote for, you might want to check out this very even-handed and balanced piece by Stephen Fry.

I would seriously urge any of you to read the whole thing, but if you don’t have the time (it is quite long), it boils down to this:

Do not let the Conservatives in (or BNP, but that kind of goes without saying).

Here’s how to do it.

For further info, this is quite enlightening.

As is this.

And a great Guardian Q&A here.

I wouldn’t point you in any direction (other than away from David Cameron’s party) but there is only one policy that I’d like to address specifically, mainly because it seems to have been the victim of a lot of wank-ridden conjecture that doesn’t stand up to gnat’s fart of logic:

The Lib Dems want to bring in an amnesty for illegal immigrants. HOWEVER, this is for those illegals who have been here over ten years, speak English and have no criminal record. Both of the other two parties slag this policy off as if it means we will just open the gates to all illegals or at least ‘let them off’, but it’s very easy to forget that it is those two parties that let them in in the first place.

The idea that this policy will mean wave after wave of illegals will now see us as an easy touch is fucking ludicrous:

‘Hey, Fritski, lets go to Britain! All we have to do to get those saps to let us stay is learn English, commit no crimes and remain in the country undetected for a decade! Piece of piss!’

If you want to come to this country illegally, it’ll be as easy/difficult under the Lib Dem’s policy as it is now.

And besides, there’s no evidence to show that countries who have imposed amnesties before end up with such an influx as a result of this.

AND it would cost a cunting fortune to find, detain and get rid of them all (I’ll say again that they were all let into the country by previous governments) instead of letting them work legally and contribute to the tax income. And that’s ignoring the fact that if they’ve been here ten years, some of them are probably contributing to society in a positive manner already.

The alternative seems insanely expensive and unworkable.

Also, the Conservatives say they will cap immigration, but they have yet to put a number on this cap because they can’t fucking do it. 80% of immigration comes from the EU, and we’re not allowed to cap it. By all means, cap the other 20%, but your (eg) 20,000 non-EU cap can then be supplemented by 400,000 from the EU and there’s not a damn thing David Cameron or anyone else can do about it. So his policy is bullshit. You can’t stop the vast majority of immigration to this country. Sorry. But at least there’s a party that has a policy for dealing with the immigration we’ve already got.

So I’m not saying vote Lib Dem. I’m just saying don’t let the illegal immigrant amnesty thing stop you doing so.

And, as always, feel free to disagree with me and vote Conservative. Or BNP.

But if you still can’t quite work out who is for you, this should help.