The One Show

Results Here.

Now, maybe you’re a more eagle-eyed person than me, but I looked at the list of winners in the proper One Show (not the design or digital bits, which, frankly, I couldn’t give a fuck about) and could only find a single winner from a UK agency.

Four possible reasons:

1. We’re shit (let’s face it, it’s not been a good couple of years, so that might well be the case).
2. And we know we are, so we didn’t bother entering (less likely. Several agencies and production companies enter every year and there is something from Leo Burnett in the Design section, so they almost certainly entered the proper one too).
3. Lack of entry cash (Sure, but the best agencies would still have punted a few grand entering their best stuff).
4. We don’t give a shit about The One Show (well, we seem to give a shit about Creative Circle and (no offence, CC) that’s not nearly as prestigious).

But then, odd as you like is the fact that our only winner (I use the widest definition of ‘our’ here) has only gone and taken Best of Show:

Is that good? I have to confess I’ve never watched it all the way through, or even a minute through (I find myself getting distracted waiting for the cameraman to fall over so I don’t really pay enough attention to the story to find it engaging. And that’s Begbie, isn’t it? Why’s he gone all civilised? I much preferred it when he was glassing tourists for sport).

Anyway, congratulations to the people behind it and congrats to all the nerds in the nerdy agencies that won lots of ‘Interactive’ (meaningless) pencils.

UPDATE: Check that shit out! I embedded like a motherfucker. (Thanks, Guy and Sarah.)