New Nike ad:

Following MIA’s slaughter of the gingers, we have another promo that won’t be shown on Saturday Superstore (is that still on?), this time for Unkle:

And I’m really starting to go off George Lucas (Parts 1-3 of Star Wars + Indy 4):

(Thanks, K for both those two.)

Another nice ad for Nike:

NIKE SPORTSWEAR: NSW+FBGT from fla on Vimeo.

Interesting ad for Child Hope:

The excellent Not Voodoo is blogging again.

Why not visit the amusing Yellow Part of The Red Brick Road’s website? Brand Mogic indeed.

And according to last week’s poll, 3-4 hours is the most common amount of actual work you do in a day. I guess I have readers in a range of jobs but I’d say that most creatives would fit into that sector. And don’t we moan about it?

Also, is there anything more intriguing to a creative than seeing your CD in another team’s office with the door shut? (No.)

AND, I came across this by accident a month ago, but if you’re an iPhone user, it may change your life: when your iPhone is off, two presses of the ‘home’ key (the circular button at the bottom) will give you immediate access to your basic music controls. No more having to key in 5467, or whatever your pass number is.