Dan Wieden

I’m currently freelancing at Wieden and Kennedy in London.

I’ll write a more complete post about what an enjoyable experience that is at some point in the future, but for now I thought it might be good to tell you about this morning when Dan Wieden came to give a talk to the agency (surreptitiously taken photo above).

He has an air, that I have only seen once before, in David Abbott, of a very successful, very contented man. This might be due to the fact that he is very successful and very contented. And loaded.

The talk consisted of plans for the future and praise for the London branch of the network, which he said came up often as the most creative office in W&K.

I’m not sure I’m supposed to give any of the details, but I think I can say that he’s not looking at the future. He’s looking at the future beyond the future.

Whatever his plans are, and those of his worldwide MDs and ECDs (John Jay, Worldwide ECD, was also there), I left with the impression that he knew it would take a great deal of effort to get to where his next vision wants to go, but that he will definitely get there.

It’s a very creative place.