Early Weekend

I’m sticking the weekend stuff up today because I’ll probably do D&AD tomorrow. If you’re going tonight I may see you there.

The top eleven movies about writing.

iPad/StarWars (Thanks, N.):

And the new Dangermouse video with Joan from Mad Men.

(Thanks, P.)

While I’m here, I might as well mention the fact that according to last week’s poll most of you love the new Nike ad. It seems the rest of the world agrees, as it has now broken the viewing record on YouTube. I think, on reflection, that I’m a little ambivalent: fairly positive but still confused about the lack of a future for Didier and the inclusion of a bloke who hasn’t played for Brazil in over a year. AND if you can’t make a big ad with $12m then you should probably go and do something else for a living.

New poll when I can think of one…

UPDATE: Ed Morris has joined Rapier. I only mention this so I can say that I would never call an ad agency ‘Rapier’. I know what they mean but why not choose a type of sword that doesn’t sound like the kind of thing an unlicensed minicab driver with a fistful of Rohypnol would do?