Here’s A Good Reason To Work In Advertising

People often think I’ve got some kind of a downer on the advertising industry.

Those people are right, however, there is one area in which advertising excels: finding your other half.

If you don’t already know, I met my wife after casting her in a commercial that we then shot on the revolting island of Cozumel. We were engaged five days after we met (absolutely true) then got married in Las Vegas six months after that. November will see our tenth anniversary.

So we are living proof that meeting your husband/wife/gay version of husband/wife is something this industry can certainly facilitate.

I have no idea whether or not advertising is particularly adept at this, but I do know of many, many other couples who have met on the job (so to speak).

No offence to the guys in these situations but the one thing I have spotted as a consistent factor is that the ladies tend to outshine the men in the looks department (definitely true in my case). This may be due to the type of lady the industry attracts (pretty and bright), but it might also be due to the type of bloke who finds himself in working advertising. Perhaps the combination of cynicism, a creative outlook (I don’t really know enough about account person or planner congress to speak of it) and decent wages is something that proves irresistible to a lady. Also, many creatives I know are funny, and ladies love that, don’t they?

So if you’re a student or junior wondering if this is the industry for you, just hang on in there, meet your husband/wife/etc, then make a decision.

And a word of advice to the gents: TV departments and production companies are where the best ass resides.

If you have any tips for long term agency-based union, feel free to let us know.

After all, it can be a cold world out there without a little love.

PS: I literally could not give the first or last fuck what any of you think of the new look. I just did it because I was bored and the option popped up on Blogger. I only wish I knew how to make the poll bars legible.

Actually, fuck it: let’s put it to the poll.