I woke up humming the terry’s all gold tune from the seventies

It is genuinely a-fucking-mazing how advertising jingles and lines can stick in your head.

When did I last hear ‘see the face you love light up with Terry’s All Gold’?

Or this utter classic that broke the fourth wall of advertising creation with aplomb (check the John Peel VO):

Then there were no words but you could always hum dah dahhh da-da-dahh-dah (by the way, the Milk Tray man taught my wife stage fighting at RADA and his name was Terry King, which is a real 80s man’s name. You never really meet many Terrys these days, do you?):

Then there’s this execution of a long running campaign that appears to have been made during the Yankophile, hyper-colourful, fucking-hard-to-watch-without-getting-a-headache early nineties:

Where did Banjos go?

What about this work of genius, bumming ‘Bobby’s Girl’ into oblivion without thought or mercy:

And this ad whose music appears to have been based on The Message by Grandmaster Flash (I recall very clearly a schoolfriend recreating this entire ad when I was about 10. I think Hofmeister was weak enough for him to drink):

I knew (and still know) all the words to this (why don’t they serve beer in ‘jars’ anymore? Bollocks to those branded glasses):

No song, but the unforgettable chocadooby-popsquabble:


And finally, by far the most oft-repeated ad of my schooldays. And university days. And at Watford. And in my office today: