Twitter, Wheaties, Escape Pod Etc. (And Dive)

I don’t normally reference stuff that’s been on The Escape Pod Blog because it feels like I’m just lazily thieving another blog’s good, good shit.

But in this instance, I thought I’d point out their new campaign, just in case any of you don’t pop over there regularly.

All the info is in this post, but to sum up, they’ve gone through all the Tweets that mention Wheaties (a much-loved US snack) and responded to them in funny/pranky ways:

It’s a fantastic new way of using social media to create a brilliant online campaign for a massive brand.

Sorry if you are already aware of it, but if you’re not, I’m sure you’re silently mouthing the words, ‘thank you Ben’ at your screen.

But your gratitude would be misplaced: it’s Vinny who deserves your thanks.

UPDATE: if you’re looking for something to do tonight, don’t miss Dive at 9pm on BBC2 (although I assume it’ll be on iPlayer for a while afterwards).

I saw a preview and it is absolutely brilliant. Great acting, direction, script etc. Another excellent piece of drama from Dominic Savage.