ads made by robots

A computer can now make ads.

Apparently the results are pretty mediocre, but that would then make them of a similar standard to the vast majority of advertising done by human beings.

So where does that leave the industry? Well, I think there are three possibilities:

1. It will make no difference. I think this is the most likely outcome. Despite the fact that most clients and agencies don’t seem to give the first shit that the work they take so much time and effort to produce is mediocre, as soon as anyone gives this thing the green light, everyone involved loses their jobs, including the marketing department. No longer will Spewtex Washing Powder require six levels of clients. Instead, advertising could just be something the MD sorts out on the crapper in between Sudoku puzzles. To avoid this happening, I think we’ll all just pretend this thing doesn’t exist so that the wasteful, shit-making machine that is the current advertising industry can carry on its quaint little circle jerk.

2. It’ll make a bit of difference. There are plenty of small clients that could get professional so-so advertising rather than amateurish so-so advertising, and they might like to use this programme. Also, if many of today’s marketers were honest with themselves, if they got their ads this way it wouldn’t be any worse, but it might be cheaper. However, there will always be the others who pride themselves on their need for innovation, making them immune to the programme’s charms.

3. It could get more sophisticated/better, making it good enough for every client. Pretty much all technology improves with time and this may not be an exception. There will still be some requirement for originality and the stewardship that ensures quality of execution, but a really good version of this programme could replace 90% of what ad agencies currently produce.

Oh look! One more reason why you need an out.