SHHHH! The best agency in london doesn’t shout about it.

There is an ad agency in London that has won D&AD pencils in each of the last six years, including a Gold.

It doesn’t pitch unless it can do great work for the client.

It doesn’t have solid creative teams.

It wins awards in print and TV.

It doesn’t appear to give the first fuck about the Gunn report.

Its biggest client produces many things that you have enjoyed over the past 30ish years.

Any ideas?

and what about this:

(Not sure why those links aren’t working. Will try to fix.)

And these:

Then there’s the Lost trailer shot by David LaChapelle, ‘ENDSFRI’, the Jamie Oliver trails, the cockle pickers poster, Iraq: The Bloody Circus, The entire More 4 launch, the Shameless posters etc. etc.

On the one side this confirms my assertion that if you want to win awards, get a TV station or a newspaper for a client. They have products that people are already interested in, so half your job is done. On the other side, I think 4 Creative make what they do look much easier than it is. The work is genuinely fucking good and I don’t see that kind of quality coming from the agencies of any other TV stations, especially not so consistently over such a long period of time.

Hats off.