The friend who pointed out the bogusky article (see post below) added this:

Ah. Okay then, something about this article left a pooish taste in my mouth. Not just about Bogusky, but about our place in the greater world as advertisers. I suppose from time to time, in our quiet moments, we all scour our conscience and find fault with what we do. Unlike most of us Alex has the luxury of being able to do something about it – Excellent. No fault there, questioning and then acting on our culpability in shit is healthy if often deeply cathartic excecise. Keeps the demons at bay. Keeps us humble. Allows for a bit of sleep at night. But there is something arrogant in the way this one blatantly bites the hand that has fed him, worshiped him and made him a wealthy man. To be fair, I suppose it is good what he is doing: walking away, using his talent to a better end. There is nobility in walking away. But there is a righteousness with the way he goes about it, as though we should all do it, as though its a luxury we all can or should afford. In his own way he’s saying “I’m better than this”, and “I’m better than you”. Maybe he is. Hes certainly better at advertising than me, but does he really have to be a better person than me too?

In the end, Good for him for walking away, but I can’t help but to think he still wants us to see him do the walking. Like he’s doing it because he knows we’re still looking. Like he wants to at any moment turn, look over his shoulder and see us watching him, adoringly. Its still all about him. At least thats what I get from the article.

And i haven’t even gotten into the hypocrisy of how he wants to do good for the world but treats those he worked with like turds. Wow. sorry that just came out like a wave.

Thanks for that.

For what it’s worth, I finally read the article this morning and it made me wonder what’s going on inside Alex’s head; not with regards to this particular part of his career but rather what it tells us about his fundamental personality. I think he has a real need to have us (as my friend says above) see what he’s doing, and to be admired for it.

What drives that in him (what drives it in anyone?)? What’s the bit that’s missing that he feels the need to fill?

For further interest, check out his own line-by-line response to the article. Many of the responses are fascinating little windows into a sadly defensive personality, but what seemed most telling to me is that Alex only took issue with the negative things. Apparently the only thing the journalist got wrong were the suggestions that might leave us with a tarnished impression of Mr. B.

And the saddest thing about all of it? The fear with which people spoke of him, too scared to be named for fear of career reprisals.

But maybe we should stop fumbling at the contents of his mind like a freshman with a panty girdle.

Perhaps the whole matter is best left with a pensive ‘hmm…’