This poster depresses me

I dunno, it’s just so bloody meaningless.

Fruit loves this sticky, sugary drink that is vaguely fruity?

I don’t want to be the logic police, but I have no idea why fruit would love a fruit-based drink. Surely it would hate it. It’s like showing a picture of a human who ‘loves’ a drink made of pureed human.

And that fucking picture of the smiling fruit. A visual like this might be quite nice if it managed to capture a normal piece of fruit that had been shot at a certain angle to make it look happy, but this is just fruit with a smile cut into the peel.

And even if fruit does like This Water, why should that interest me, or persuade me that it’s worth trying?

I know…I know…I’m just being a pedantic wanker, but nothing about this poster makes even the slightest bit of sense or contains even a single appealing element.

Just another ad that treats passers-by like retards. Thanks for that.

Meanwhile, this is fun.