Campaign writes a good article*

Have a look at pages 12 and 13 of this week’s issue.

It’s on the IPA’s Future Of Work report, which details the changes advertising needs to make in the future in order to thrive (I’d use the word ‘progress’. ‘Thrive’ is a long fucking way away right now).

Without wanting to climb too far up my own arse (it’s not a happy place to be), much of it echoes my own ceaseless whingings and witterings on this blog.

‘…all of which makes a advertising a considerably duller place to make a living…’

‘…employees are expected to be flexible to suit the company, not the other way round…’

‘Agencies admit to being increasingly nervous about telling clients how to run their business.’

‘For new recruits, we need to present working in an agency as significantly more exciting and empowering than working elsewhere.’

‘Agency bosses must make major changes that won’t come easily.’

‘Agencies are finding it difficult to make their businesses profitable and most admit that much agency profit comes from non-core services.’

‘The pyramid structure and cult of career progression, which results in people leaving the industry in their thirties…was singled out as another major issue.’

‘One client sums up the structure as agencies making money by employing three very clever senior people and “500 five-year-olds”‘.

‘Digital has made the portfolio offered by agencies more complex. It has shortened response times, and though it’s perceived as cheaper to buy, it’s more expensive to service. It’s also breeding a 24/7 access culture and getting in the way of face-to-face meetings.’

So now it’s official.

By the way, no one, and I mean no one in charge is going to give the first fuck about all this.


Things will just continue to worsen until the toilet backs up with months of undigested chicken jalfrezis.

By then, anyone good will have left and the whole industry will resemble a Siberian whorehouse on Christmas morning.

You need an out.

*Oddly enough, despite the massive slagging I gave them in March, Campaign have seen fit to put one of my posts in this week’s ‘Best of the Blogs’ section. My title for this post is not a reciprocation for that ‘kindness’.