Here’s a very nice ad to ease you into Friday

It’s the new VB ad, the follow up to the one with the parade of people that won two D&AD Pencils.

It’s the old ‘be masculine’ thing but done really, really well. I think it’s much harder to make the older strategies feel fresh than it is to come up with new ones. Or is it? I don’t think I’ve ever tried comparing the difficulty of the two. But there’s only so many ways to sell beer and we’ve all seen ‘masculine’ done really fucking badly.

(Interest declared, my old AD, Cam, was one of the creatives. Is that declaring an interest? I haven’t seen him face to face in a while but we’re on Facebook and all that. Hi Cam. Nice ad. Stop making it look like you were the good one. Smiley winky face made out of punctuation.)