How internet seeding works, or doesn’t.

Last week a representative of an internet seeding company sent me the following email:

Hi Ben,

Great blog! I am currently working on a campaign with Frosty Jack’s and think your blog, with its interest in new adverts and anything a bit different could work really well with it.

I know what you’re thinking! Frosty Jack’s is perhaps not considered the conventional choice of cider and this is precisely the theme of the campaign. Consider Frosty Jack’s for what it is. No they’re not the biggest selling cider, on the top of everyone’s list but they know what they are, and they’re proud of it!

Would you be interested in working with us on this campaign? If so, please let me know and I can send you some more details.

Many thanks,

To which I replied:


Interesting email.

What would you mean by ‘working with us on this campaign’?



The seeder replied:

Hi Ben,

Thanks for getting back to me. We were hoping you might post a link to our video, embed it into your blog or discuss the content as it is fairly relevant to your readership. The links to the videos are:




You can also find out more about the campaign if you like on Frosty Jack’s website as:

What do you think? Thanks again for your help.

At this point I didn’t get back to her. I think the ads are really quite poor, but my mum told me that if you can’t think of anything good to say about someone, just ignore them until they go away.

The seeder then got back to me this afternoon:

Dear Ben,

I emailed you last week about our Frosty Jack’s campaign. Apologies for writing again so soon, I just wanted to follow up on the information I sent you to see what your thoughts were on it all? Do you think you might be interested in writing about the videos or campaign? We would really love to get you involved asap as the campaign is all moving on quite quickly. Please let me know what you think.

To which I replied:

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.

Having watched the ads, I didn’t really think they were that great. Would you like me to blog them anyway? I could see what my readers think of them if that’s any use.

She then replied:

Hi Ben,

It would be brilliant if you could blog them! We just want to get them seen really, then people can discuss them and make their minds up about them. All opinions are welcome! Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to seeing them on your blog 🙂

Well, there you go.

I’ve done my bit. Do you like them or did you, like me, think that they were pretty shite then swear never ever to go within a thousand miles of a single drop of Frosty Jack?