Saatchis (And Fallon). Let’s call the post ‘SSF’. It’s neater.

This Thursday sees the 40th birthday party of Saatchi and Saatchi, which is to take place at the Saatchi gallery and will be attended by (as I understand it) all former and current employees of both S&S and McS.

It might also be attended by that senile old milk-thieving witch, Margaret Thatcher, but with a bit of luck she’ll die in the next 48 hours, sparing us any further reminders of her existence.

Anyway, I think it’s a birthday well worth celebrating, and if you don’t agree, check out their finest shizzle and then reluctantly concede that I was right after all.

UPDATE: while on an SSF theme, I have it on good authority (there’s a particularly observant and loose-lipped fly who lives in the corridor outside Richard Flintham’s office) that Flintham and Green are definitely off.


Why? Where? How does that leave Fallon, who were already a bit fucked from losing Asda and Sony in the space of a couple of weeks last year? Now all the founders have left (OK, Robert Senior is still half there), how will it continue its Fallonosity? I’m pretty sure Juan’s no longer balls-deep in the place, so does this sound the death knell for one of the two or three best agencies of the century so far?

And, on the other side of the coin, does anyone really give a fuck anymore? Between phone tapping, match fixing and Rooney’s whoring, the News Of The World is where all the action is these days. Working there must be like sitting inside a pus-filled boil at the centre of the universe.

Over and out.