CDs: here’s how to halve your wage bill and make it easier to book venues for a departmental piss up:

Behold! The lone creative! Purveyor of both art direction and copywriting from a single brain!

In my career there haven’t been that many of these freaks of nature, but they tend to be really fucking good at the job (no one lets you work alone without a shedload of proof that you can do both disciplines to a high standard). Names that spring to mind include Grant Parker, Jeremy Carr, Jeremy Craigen (they used to work together. It must have been like being in a room with four creatives), Paul Silburn and Dave Dye (ditto).

So anyway, although they are expensive, you only need one of them, so if you currently run a creative department, surely it makes sense to hire two of these multi-disciplinarians rather than a single team for the same cash.

Aside from that financial benefit, they’ll use half as much loo paper, cause half as much wear to the carpet and need half as many keycards to get into the building.

Big savings all round.

And you’ll only need one invite to all the awards dos they’ll inevitably attend.