Go Compare

I don’t watch a great deal of TV, but I’m fairly sure that this is the country’s most hated ad campaign:

(That’s actually my favourite execution because it has subtitles. What the fuck for? And if you look on the YouTube page, the fat cunt singer actually has a name: Gio Compario. What a cunt. By the way, the giant fat cunt also has a blog, along with his own website. Cunt.)


I think it’s probably also the country’s most famous ad campaign. Here’s a little bit of evidence:

some other company's 6-sheet, Camden, 3-10-10

Like Esure, it really has entered the national psyche, and alas, alas, a-fucking-las, I’m sure the people responsible are just stoked to the hilt.But then the real problem is that it’s just one more irritating sore of a campaign that is also very successful. That means that more of these kinds of campaign will be made and we’ll all have to suffer just a but more.

And that throws up two unanswerable questions:

Why does this kind of shit ‘work’? (There are plenty of other campaigns, good and shit, high and low media frequency, that fall flat on their faces and certainly don’t have people graffiti-ing other people’s advertising. Why is this one – and Esure – so famous?)

Why, if you had even the dimmest 0.000000000000000000000000000000000176 watt light shining from the depths of your soul, would you ever want to besmirch the collective cultural landscape like this? It’s literally like taking big buckets of shit and smearing them over all the walls of the UK until we submit and say, ‘Yes, we remember that you are the people who smear shit all over the place and do something else that we don’t really care about’.

Could everyone involved please Go Compare their genitalia to a circular saw, really, really closely, in the dark, while paralytically drunk.

PS: and it’s ‘thank your LUCKY stars’, you twats.