Not the start of the week

All the swearing on Twitter (Thanks, R).

Best debut features of all time.

Flight of the Conchords gig posters.

Sigur Ros point out how the advertising industry likes to bum them (thanks, P).

The architecture of Inception.

Internet protocol (Thanks, ALS).

Nice short film on visual metaphors (Thanks, L).

Man vs Elevator (elevator wins).

Johnny Depp is a lovely, lovely man.

Actually, as far as internet protocol goes, there’s a section in that link about the delightful ways in which people and companies sign off their emails. Perhaps it would pass a few dreary minutes if we could all contribute (anonymously, of course) any that we are aware of.

Allow me to start with CHI’s (thanks, P/R):

CHI&Partners – winners of: 2 Golds at British Television Advertising Awards (including ‘Best 60/90 second commercial’) Grand Prix at DMA Awards (Direct) Grand Prix at Revolution Awards (Digital) Click here to see the work.

Please feel free to leave your own.