Here are a few ‘classic’ ambient ads from the book ‘Long Live Advertising’ that make me want to puke:

Complete bullshit from South Africa. Imagine what would happen when the next cases came through the hatch. Squashed fucking eggs, that's what. So I'd have thought this was taken on a non-moving conveyor with some of the creatives' suitcases and friends. Many awards, mucho bullshit.

A great example of the 'people looking at our brilliant ambient idea' shot. Multicultural and both genders. Hooray. But Nike have fucked up the running track. Oh no. Maybe those runners are thinking, 'What a bunch of cunts Nike are, fucking up our running track.

'She eats light mayonnaise'. Who? That bit of hair, of course. This even has the dog doing the mandatory looking. Unfortunately he's wondering if it's a blonde rat or something he can hump.

Some T-shirt that makes you like your arse is hanging out. Not sure why, but the real bullshit here is in the description, where it says that the pictures were turned into ads in 'party magazines'. I read several party magazines. All of them existing only in my imagination.

I know these won a lot of awards, but they're just complete and utter bollocks. Plastic hands poking through drains made to look like jails? First off it looks like the people are trapped down the drains, then they have to crassly write 'wrong opinion' on the fingers, then you're supposed to give a shit. But what's it really saying? Something about the ubiquity of wrongful imprisonment? But wrongful imprisonment isn't really ubiquitous. If it were, we'd know about it, negating the need for these scammy examples of award-whoring bullshit, I mean ambient ads.