2004 Hall of famers

Travelocity ‘Moustache’ (not online), Guardian ‘Wimbledon’ (couldn’t find it online), VW ‘Life In A Day’, (ditto), Kleenex Velvet ‘Factory’ (why will no fucker put their ads online?), Observer ‘From Abba to Zappa‘, Levi’s ‘Bike‘, Playstation ‘Golfers vs Pornstars‘, Citroen ‘Transformer‘, Orange ‘Swayze‘, Orange ‘Astin‘ and John Smiths ‘Showstopper‘.

Good year, huh? I could also have included other ads from Orange, Levi’s and Life on The Playstation, but that’s fifteen corkers already, and with the high quality of the HoFers, it could be the best year overall.