I think this is a bit shite

Some shite, yesterday.

This is up round the corner from my flat, but it’s just one of many similar posters that seem to be connecting Adidas to the Olympics.

And they all look like a local council’s misguided attempt to reduce the incidence of litter dropping and sexual assault by suggesting that we’re ALL IN IT TOGETHER.

The limp, generic art direction; the dismal, meaningless line; the world’s least sincere call to action… ‘Are you (London)?’ Am I London?  How would I know? Am I supposed to ‘be London’ by dressing in a chavsuit (check the JD Sports logo in the top corner. For foreign readers, JD Sports are milliners and couturiers to the kind of people whose idea of foreplay is a couple of Rohypnol and a punch in the face) and standing in the street? To me, being ‘London’ could be a million things, but that is not one of them.

And the odd thing is, I saw these posters for days before I realised who/what they they were advertising. They simply demand you ignore them on pain of death, and that seems really odd for one of the biggest and best brands in the world.