A Humankind Communications Company?

Jesus fucking Christ, Charlie Brown…(Thanks, Ad Contrarian.)

‘It’s a look at marketing that serves true human needs.’

‘Creativity is most powerful when it creates humankind acts, not just advertising…They activate and amplify the human purpose’


‘Creativity is not an option anymore.’

‘A human brand purpose is what rallies people and creates brand populism.’

‘People are living their lives at the speed of real time.’

‘The incredibly vast digital landscape we now operate in opens up infinite canvases for brands to create value in people’s lives.’

‘To engage people, brands will need to balance complete clarity and consistency of meaning with breathtaking spontaneity of behaviour.’

Has this much wank ever been committed to a film outside of Handjob Boogaloo 6?

UPDATE: More utter, utter, utter, utter wank (check the explanation of why it’s called Humankind and weep).

And Humankind? That sounds really fucking familiar: