Spot the difference!

Land Rover ad, press section of D&AD 2001

Winner of Winners, ANNA Awards, 2011

This throws up a few questions:

1. Why are RKCR/Y&R running a remade version of a Land Rover ad (same creative team, by the way) ten years after the original? It even has the same rather tortuous and unnecessary pun (‘don’t be weather beaten’).

2. Why did someone award it Best Newspaper Ad of the year, bearing in mind it’s kind of been done before a teensy little bit?

3. If at least three people in my agency noticed this, why didn’t the judges?

4. Have we really come such a short distance in ten years that an also-ran ad from a decade ago is today’s best?

5. Why is the new ad dark? Is it just to differentiate itself from the old ad, or is it a comment on the veil of darkness that has descended over UK creativity in the last decade, as evidenced by this rum old do?

6. Who gives a fuck?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address.