Another ad!

Chrysler. Super Bowl. W&K. Kevin Yon did the VO.

Interesting to compare it to the Virgin ad below.

It’s another observation + VO jobbie, but with a better written and better performed voiceover.

Aside from that, I find the Eminem thing a bit of a distraction. I know he’s Mr. Detroit, but it makes it feel like the ad is trying to make several points at once (maybe it is): resurgence, blue collar values, luxury from hard work, Detroit is not fucked like you thought etc.

I got all that from the pre-Eminem bit. Now I’m just thinking, why is a man with such credibility shilling for a car company? An ad for investing in Detroit, yes. An ad for Chrysler? Hmmm…

Anyway, it’s very well made, so hats off for that.