Over the years I’ve got the impression that some of you would like to make a bit of money outside your day job.

Well, number two in an infinite series (number one was me and my novel) is RKCR/Y&R creative Dan Hubert and his spanky new app, iLazer.

It fits in the category of cheap-but-fun, guaranteed to amuse your mates in the pub or to cheer up your granny when yet another one of her friends dies. But why iLazer and how did Dan get it made?

Take it away, Mr. Hubert:

‘I’ve been gagging to make an app for ages. Unfortunately Apple have over one billion apps so it was pretty hard to think of something that hasn’t been done already.

Lasers projecting from from eyes isn’t exactly a new idea. It seems you can’t be a DC comic hero without this special ability, and over the years of web surfing for inspiration I’ve come across loads of random shots by people messing about on Photoshop – especially ones of babies, oh and not forgetting Lazertits. A retro site full of semi clad women with lasers coming from their breasts.

After a moment of inspiration and an in-depth search on iTunes to find that there was nothing else like it, I went full steam ahead. I found quite a few app developers through Google and was shocked to find out how expensive the process was going to be – anything from 7k to 20K! I went for something in the middle and luckily choose a brilliant team of guys who just set up a company called UBINOW.

The next mission was to create an app that not only looked cool, but was intuitive and easy to use. It took quite a few goes to make the journey as simple as possible but I’m really happy with the result. Sound was also top on my list so I spent a while in a sound studio in soho creating different mixes. The result really helped to make a richer user experience.

On the back of the idea I thought it would be good to create a hub for people to send their zapped pics. So I set up a website called that will showcase the world’s best zapped snaps. I also thought it might be fun to expand the idea so I’ve created CELEBRITiLazer. A section full of famous people who all seem to have roving eyes. I’m also looking into other things people love like ANIMiLazer, BOOBiLazer and BABiLazer.

I’ve got to shift 30,000 to break even (Apple take 30%). If it sells any more than that then it’s a bonus. If it doesn’t, then I’ve learnt a lot in social media and app development and no one has gone hungry. It’s all down to word of mouth at the end of the day so if the product is good and people enjoy it then it should go viral. Also on something like this, Facebook and Twitter will really help push its awareness.’

So there you go.

If that interests you and you have any other questions, leave them in the comments section and perhaps Dan will drag himself away from his app long enough to answer them.

Meanwhile, buy the app, give it a good review on iTunes and create lots of pictures with lasers emanating from eyes/tits/penises/dogs/dogs’ penises/dogs’ tits (do dogs have tits? Maybe dogs’ nipples).