Anon writes:

What a shit industry that pats itself on the back for middle of the road yawnfests like this. Imagine the car industry behaving like this. We’d all still be driving Hillman Imps. Its pathetic.

If its a shit year then they should just say no platinum until you cunts sort yourselves out. Or give it to Pixar or give it to Jonathan fucking Ive again. Or even that ridiculous on the ceiling ad. Just not the boring cider thing.

Do more modern minded youngy plucky creatives not go to juries anymore? Are the juries all old conservative dandruffed shouldered idiots?

I dont really give a fuck about awards, but America will see that this is what we think is our best ad. Its like the Brits vs the MTV awards. While they’re giving gongs to Beyonce and Lady Gaga we get all excited about N-Dubz.

Here’s the ad he’s talking about:

I have to say I agree. It’s perfectly nice, but if it makes you jealous you’re probably a bit daft or something.

I assume nobody entered the real best ad of the year (Nike Write The Future), while I hear tell that the other contender (which I’m not going to mention here for fear of starting up that tedious conversation again) was thrown out for being a rip-off (was it a rip-off? Of course it fucking wasn’t. You’d have to be more educationally subnormal that someone who is jealous of Magner’s to think that anyone would nick the content of an ad in these YouTube days AND nick the distinctive track as well).

Here are the Golds.


And Bronzes.

And if you’re really bored, commendations.