the end of the week is nigh

How to cheat at dice:

Cosby dubstep (while we’re on the subject, had any of you, like me, forgotten this sitcom even existed? I used to watch it every week and it was by far the biggest show in America for years, but it means nothing to me now. No box sets? Would anyone buy them?):

25 years of Pixar (thanks, J):

DMX vs the XX:

Ah! This takes me back, especially Kung Fu Master and Cabal. I think the money I’ve put into video games over the years could have kept open all the libraries that are about to be closed (thanks, J):

Another house that looks like Hitler:

Completely unusable stock images (thanks, A).

How not to respond to criticism.

How to get around London by bus (thanks, ALS).

All the fake freeze frame endings for Police Squad.

Bangable Dudes In History.