The weekend: 48 hours respite from the grinding, excrement-strewn nightmare that is your working life.

Brilliant Amazon Mr. Man reviews (thanks, D/M).

If you enjoyed the honey badger, check out the vampire bat (thanks, C):

Brian Cox: wonders of the stoner system:

A brief history of the title sequence (thanks, S):

Paris shot beautifully with a stills camera (thanks, N):

One for all you Chelsea fans (or haytaz. Thanks, J).

Interesting ad for the film Limitless:

The Yoga Farmer:

Super Mario in real life (thanks, G).

Please submit some agency cards so that they have a few that didn’t come from Iris.

And for anyone looking for something intelligent on which to waste their time, normally you’d be in exactly the wrong place, but today you can check out this excellent blog post from Roger Ebert on listening to music.