Which agency would you choose?

OK, here is a fucking excellent game that will help you while away the hours AND allow you to leave brilliantly thought-out and interesting comments on this blog:

You are the owner of a big-ish company, something like Innocent, and you have an advertising budget of around £5m (fuck knows if that’s anywhere near Innocent’s real budget).

So, under those circumstances, what kind of ad campaign would you create (lots of social media, or are you aware that it’s mainly bollocks that won’t shift a single drop of smoothie? Big 90″ cinema ad? Sponsor the premiership to get all their balls printed with apple designs and Innocent logos?) and, more importantly, which agency would you appoint to the task?

Would you stipulate any conditions, such as asking for a specific team or planner to work on your biz? Would you expect to be lunched and fellated? Perhaps you’d just let the poor bastards get on with it without sticking your fucking oar in. That’d make a nice change, don’t you think?

Anyway, answers on a postcard and all that.

(For what it’s worth, I’d choose Wiedens to do press, posters and TV and I’d insist that Tony and Kim did the ads. No offence to any non-T&K W&K creatives. Maybe I’d also see if Alex and Oli could get me in The Sun with one of their cool ideas.)