Who Is The Greatest Celeb of all time (in advertising terms)?

I guess most of us think that celebs just take the money no matter how shit the script (Marco Pierre White, I’m talking most pointedly about you) and how much it might affect their ‘brand’ (Marco, again, I’m taking about you).

And that’s probably true, and would probably be true about most of us.

But are there any celebrities who have been involved with the best of the best of the best?

Well, I’ve given it some thought, and there is one guy who seems to have managed multiple D&AD Pencils, Best of Show at the One Show and at least one Cannes Grand Prix:


I have no idea where to find the poster ‘Behind Every Great Goalkeeper Is A Ball From Ian Wright’ or ‘Sayonara Lineker San’.

Yes, I am aware that Mr. Wright also asked us to buy Chicken Tonight in a way that did not trouble the jurors of any advertising awards scheme, but if you know of anyone with a better hit-to-shit ratio, I’d like to hear about it.