Killerwespen in Das Nest!

My novel is now available in German. I know from my analytics that I have, ooh, at least fifteen readers over there, so come on herren and frauleins*, fill your boots:

Why it’s called Das Nest, I’m not entirely sure. I mean, there is a nest in it (more than one, actually) but there’s also a packet of Kraft Mac’n’ Cheese, and they didn’t call the book Der KraftenMakencheesenchaften*.

Anyway, I now know how to compliment my wife in German:

And I wonder what they made of my acknowledgement to Arsene Wenger:

The reviews are somewhat impenetrable, but a quick hit of Google translate does give me this sentence:

I recommend this thriller lovers of insect horror stories. Thriller friends who like to read interesting books with depth, I recommend this book but from!

Anyway, if you are German, you can buy it here. If you are British and are still inexplicably without a copy, you can buy it here.

*I speak no German.