Social media dissected*

Social media experiences are usually like this (thanks, G).

The bit they forgot to include was the ubiquitous, ‘We’ll get people to upload their own clips/stories/ideas’.

Have any of you ever done that? Do you know anyone who has?

I just play a bit of Scrabble and hate anyone who advertises over my games.

And have you ever looked at, let alone clicked on, any ad that appears over the bottom of a YouTube clip?

Or do you click off every single one of them straight away while cursing the people behind them?

*Yes, I am aware there are some decent social media/online campaigns, but I’m talking about the other 99.9%.

UPDATE: QR codes skewered (thanks, Anonymouse):

By the way, thought those things had been and gone, but I saw a few in the last issue of GQ. Of course, I didn’t scan them or whatever you’re supposed to do. I have no idea if they’re going to be a waste of time or not. And I don’t really know how to scan them. Basically, I’m like that guy in the above clip (the one with the phone, not the presenter). What I’m saying in a really long-winded way is: fuck QR codes in the ear.