The Creative Floor

Just a quick note about the excellent portfolio site, The Creative Floor.

These days you have to have an online portfolio. As lovely as a nice A2 leatherbound folio can be, that shit is dead as Charlemagne.

So get one that’s free and easy at TCF (interest declared: Shaheed, the guy behind it is a friend of mine).

Other reasons why TCF is good:

They’ve partnered up with NABS, The IPA, The Young Creative Council and Single Creatives.
If you need more space it’s £3.99 a month for unlimited storage. For those who can’t afford that, TCF will usually waive the cost.
Chuck Porter digs it so much that he flew Shaheed out to New York to meet him and MCBD’s talent scout.
CP&B want to use The Creative Floor to pick up talent as they start to expand their London office.
By avoiding headhunters fees agencies can put more money into the creatives’ pockets.
Last month they had to add an agency part to the site as RKCR/Y&R, Beta and PD3 (new ad agency) have all started to upload their portfolios.
Last week they became an official partner to Robin Wight’s Ideas Foundation.
They will add an Ideas Foundation section to the site, and donate free Unlimited Storage portfolios to any of the kids who want to get into the industry.
And they’ll help promote them through their Facebook page and Twitter.
On average, 2 books a week get a placement or job by being on the site. The most someone’s been offered is £120k.
The site is evolving all the time through feedback from the creatives on there, e.g. the Find a partner function was requested by NABS and around 50 creatives.
There seems to be a call for a Find a Freelancer function. So that’s coming soon.
The average time spent on the site is 11 minutes. And we get around 13-15,000 views a week.
It’s all done in Shaheed’s spare time and is completely self funded by him.
Which leaves him very time poor and somewhat financially poor, too.
However loads of people are finding partners, getting exposure and jobs on there.
It’s making life a little bit easier for everyone.
So it’s worth it.
But they won’t be there until everyone gets a profile on there.
If you need more info let him know.