Please download the Water water Everywhere App

A couple of months back I asked for some help to create an app for my project to encourage people to drink tap water instead of bottled.

Almost immediately Hayden Stainsby of Caffeine Concepts stepped forward and led me to believe that he could make it happen. Knowing little of the app making process I took him on his word and – bloody fucking hell – he’s only gone and done it really, really well.

You can now download it for free from the itunes store.

The one bit of help he needed was in getting everything to look amazing, so we needed a designer.

Again, within moments of the call going out, Shaheed of The Creative Floor recommended the excellent Crystal Lee, who said yes straight away. Her logo is at the top of this post and her work has really brought the whole thing together to look completely professional.

Both she and Hayden have been absolutely brilliant,  getting things done quickly with the minimum of fuss. I can’t recommend either of them highly enough.

Now, if I could ask you all a favour:

Please, please please download the app and start using it. The important thing here is the ‘submit’ function, which allows you to find a water source we haven’t included (eg: water fountain, pub, cafe etc.) and tell us about it so we can add it to the map.

The more complete the map is, the more people use it and the less damage to the environment.

Thanks again to Hayden and Crystal and thanks in advance for your help.

PS: Also huge thanks to Lizie, George, Us and the rest of the guys at Academy who have taken on the task of making TV and online ads to publicise the app and the campaign. More about that in the near future.

UPDATE: are you or do you know an Android or Blackberry app developer? Apparently the skillz are quite different to developing an Apple app. Get in touch at

Also, the map now covers the whole of the UK – that’s 5300 locations. Excellent.