better late than never

Here’s a post I meant to do last year:

I cycled past this poster last summer and thought it was the best one I’d seen in ages:

So I went back a couple of days later intending to photograph it, but alas it was gone.

Earlier this year it won a Gold at Creative Circle, but I still didn’t get round to getting hold of a shot of it for the blog.

But last week I began a freelance ‘stint’ at 4 Creative and, even more conveniently, I was placed at the desk next to Molly Manners (her real name), the creative behind R eye P.

So there it is: the best poster of last year.

While I’m here, I’d like to direct you towards a couple of excellent promos, also from 2011:

Love Lost by Temper Trap, shot by the always brilliant Dougal Wilson.

And click here for the uncensored version of Blind Faith by Chase and Status, directed by the also always brilliant Daniel Wolfe.