It ain’t what you do…


I am in LA, but, as usual, happily prepared to provide some Monday timewasting fodder for you.

On the plane over I watched several bits of movies that were so shit I had to switch them off, along with two that were pretty good.

The shit ones (Battle Los Angeles, something with the guy from The Hangover in a mental home, something with Ashton Kutcher) differed from the good ones (The Lincoln Lawyer, Win Win) in many ways, and yet, two of them contained EXACTLY the same scene.

In the beginning of Battle LA and Win Win our protagonist is shown going for a jog. A few moments later, he is overtaken by other joggers, causing him (in a BRILLIANT microcosm of their characters) to stop, realise that he is getting to old for this shit, and give up.

One is a mindless $100m blockbuster; the other a gentle little indie that looks like it cost about the same as Battle LA’s catering budget – and yet they used the same scene to make the same point.

Just goes to show that you can have the best idea in the world, but if the execution saves it/ruins it, none of that matters.

Anyway, I’m here until Tuesday night, and have quite a full schedule, but if you fancy breakfast tomorrow, let me know. x