Special motivational weekend (or not)

Today’s crappy timewasting links for the weekend can be divided into ‘motivational’ and ‘other’.

Let’s start with the shit that will get you started:

Brilliant motivational music mashup of Shaft, Surfer, Star Wars etc. (thanks, P):

Scary motivational kid (thanks, P):

And finally, let’s pray for tyres and oil and stuff (thanks, P & L):

Then we have the ‘other’:

Ian Stephenson’s ‘Really Shit’ exhibition reminds me of David Shrigley (in a good way; thanks, J).

Thierry Henry’s 226 goals for Arsenal. Number 31 is the best.

The greatest promo of all time (thanks, J):

Thankyourwank – a new low for social media (thanks, B).

And on a similar theme…

Robocop Live!

Funny responses to well meaning signs (thanks, L).

And some funny UK place names (if you like that kind of thing; thanks, J).