The end justifies the means

I haven’t bored you about my Water Water Everywhere project for a while, so here goes:

Since we launched the app I keep seeing ads for bottled water alternatives that sell themselves on their environmental credentials.

I don’t know if that’s a consequence of the old adage, ‘to a worm in an apple everything looks like apple’, but I’m sure I didn’t see any before the summer.

And if you click the wweverywhere link above you’ll see the massive installation Sodastream have placed in the basement of Selfridges.

As I pointed out in the water blog, I do understand that these companies are looking to make money (strange change of heart for Sodastream otherwise), but I also believe that doesn’t matter. If a great consequence comes from an impure motive, then who cares? The only thing that really matters is measurable results in real life.

However, this does go somewhat against what I have written before about Unilever (only three of you will recall my rant against the FMCG behemoth: I thought it rich that the company that produced Dove and professed to give a shit about women’s self esteem was the same company that produced Lynx and therefore didn’t).

So I’ve decided to change my mind: if women are happier because of Dove’s advertising campaign, no matter what the corporate mendacity, then that can only be a good thing.

PS: stop buying bottled water. It’s really stupid.