A few ways in which advertising has enriched my life

Occasionally I hear the complaint that advertising has ruined one song or another for its listener. The whine usually goes that some poor sod will now forever associate Let It Be with Persil Automatic or Rhythm is a Dancer with Pampers when they should have remained forever pure as a a context-free arrangement of musical notes.

Well, nothing exists in a vacuum so here is a random list of absolutely brilliant things I only found out about through advertising:

Venus in Furs.

That Leftfield track off Surfer. It’s about 10% as good without the horses.

Some Like It Hot.

The work of Nadav Kander.

I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

In fact, a whole load of fifties and sixties soul through Levis.

Crosstown Traffic (I don’t have a copy of the relevant Wrangler ad. If Mr. Denton is reading this, perhaps he can send it over.)

A Tribe Called Quest.

J. Otto Seibold.

What has advertising done for you?